What Are Some Typical Duties of an Office Manager?


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Typical office manager duties vary based on the size and type of the office. In a small doctor's office, for example, the office manager greets patients, handles billing and arranges appointments. In large companies, an office manager typically focuses on one aspect, such as overseeing accounting.

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What Are Some Typical Duties of an Office Manager?
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Office managers, also called administrative services managers, often maintain records, distribute mail and oversee upkeep of facilities. They supervise administrative and clerical workers, and they establish deadlines and goals for the office or corporate department. They frequently are responsible for buying, storing and disbursing supplies. Many office managers also suggest policy changes to help a business operate more efficiently. For instance, a manager, after analyzing how her business uses energy, could suggest purchasing equipment that is more energy-friendly or switching to electronic systems to reduce paper consumption.

Some office managers are involved in the budgeting process; they plan for equipment, supplies and new workers. In some cases, office managers oversee facility safety. They supervise the safety and upkeep of equipment, machines, and the mechanical and electrical systems. They also verify that the business follows government standards in the areas of security, health and the environment.

A person must have at least a high school degree or its equivalent to become an office manager, but many have bachelor's degrees. Office managers must be analytical and detail-oriented and must possess good communication and leadership skills.

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