What Are the Typical Duties of an LVN?


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Typical duties of a Licensed Vocational Nurse include monitoring the vital statistics of patients, conducting basic health tests such as checking blood pressure, recording observations on patient health, administering simple healthcare tasks such as injections, changing dressings or feeding patients unable to eat on their own. The job requires the supervision of a Registered Nurse and carries lower standards of educational training and occupational duties.

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Licensed Vocational Nurses complete many of the same tasks as other types of nurses in regards to caring for patients, with the primary difference being fewer responsibilities and the requirement for direct supervision by a Registered Nurse or other licensed healthcare professional. The responsibilities of a Licensed Vocational Nurse begin with conducting initial health assessments for incoming patients, which includes taking the patient's temperature and checking other vital statistics, recording the results for review by a physician or other medical professional. The job may also include conducting other tests according to orders from doctors or nurses, depending on the situation.

These nurses also handle basic patient care within a hospital or long-term care setting, conducting regular checks on patients to record vital statistics or make notes regarding recovery progress or the state of an existing condition. Responsibilities may also include changing hospital bedding, aiding in the transportation of patients between facilities and conducting basic care actions such as changing a bedpan. The role can also feature additional, more advanced actions if another professional is present to supervise.

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