What Are Some Typical Duties of a Business Manager?

Though the full responsibilities of a business manager may vary between organizations, typical duties include monitoring the performance and productivity of employees, outlining strategies for growth and development within departments, and reporting all progress to other managers or executives. Some managers may also handle clerical aspects such as creating job descriptions, interviewing applicants and conducting performance reviews.

A business manager takes on a wide range of responsibilities depending on the size and nature of the company for which she works, often taking accountability for the actions of numerous employees within a team or department. The core duties of the job involve ensuring that each employee under her watch adheres to the goals and policies of the company by performing in line with their job requirements. For example, a manger of a customer service team may monitor agents to ensure they answer customer inquiries accordingly, while a sales team manager may track quotas and goals for the employees.

Managers also create reports on the actions of their employees and relay the information to the executive members of the company -- or in the case of small businesses, directly to the owner. The job can also focus on developing specific policies or practices within the department and training the employees accordingly. Many managers also conduct evaluations for the employees, which can result in advancement within the company or the termination of the position.