What Are the Typical CD Rates Through Investors Bank?


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As of 2015, the certificate of deposit interest rates at Investors Bank range from 0.2 percent to 0.98 percent, according to Investors Bank. The rates depend on the length of time that the funds remain with the bank.

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CDs at Investors Bank require a minimum deposit of $500, states Investors Bank. The CD with the shortest deposit requirement at Investors Bank is three months. For CDs of nine months or less, the interest rate is 0.2 percent. Twelve-month CDs carry a rate of 0.25 percent. A 24-month CD has an interest rate of 0.44 percent, while a 36-month CD rate is 0.59 percent, as of October 2015. The maximum length of time for a CD at Investors Bank is 60 months, which carries an interest rate of 0.98 percent. CDs are a safe investment because the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation insures them fully, and Investors Bank guarantees the fixed rates for the entirety of the certificate. The bank compounds and credits interest on a monthly basis. Early withdrawals are subject to penalties.

A traditional certificate of deposit is the most popular type of CD, according to Bankrate. In addition to traditional CDs, there are also liquid CDs, zero-coupon CDs, and bump-up CDs. Other investment options include callable CDs, brokerage CDs, and high-yield CDs, with each type of CD offering different benefits and drawbacks for a consumer.

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