What Are Some Typical Careers Available at Joann Fabrics?


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Typical careers available at Joann Fabrics include positions such as sales associate, store merchandiser, shift manager and several different roles as an in-store specialist, such as specializing in fabrics or floral supplies. The company also offers positions in its distribution centers working in packing, shipping and logistics, along with jobs in store support centers.

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Many of the jobs available with Joann Fabrics take place within its physical retail stores, with each location employing a large number sales associates and cashiers to serve customers and manage stock daily. These jobs include ringing up purchases at a register, assisting customers locate items on the sales floor or stocking and configuring items within the store overall. Stores also have merchandising jobs, which involve arranging displays for merchandise and setting up the layout of the store, as well as management positions to oversee the various elements of the store

The company also has several distribution centers that include many jobs within the logistics field, starting with warehouse workers that handle incoming shipments of products. Employees at distribution centers track inventory and fill orders for different stores, with managers and specialists working directly with stores to ensure proper stocks of supplies and goods.

Other careers with the company take place at the company's store support facilities, which include general support agents who handle customer issues as well as agents who track requests from the corporate offices and store managers.

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