What Are Some Typical Application Requirements for Airport Security Guards?


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Applicants who want to apply to become an airport security guard through the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) are typically required to take a practical test that shows whether they are capable of carrying out on-the-job tasks, such as interpreting images to see if any contraband materials are pictured, notes the TSA's blog. In addition to these requirements, airport security guards usually must have at least a high school diploma or equivalent educational attainment in addition to being 18 years or older and a citizen of the United States. Some positions may require a few years of work experience, and higher education such as a bachelor's degree in criminal justice may also be a job requirement.

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Other common requirements for applicants to airport security positions include English language proficiency and the ability to pass a hearing and vision test. Required skills may include the ability to work with others, good customer service and communication skills, good attention to detail and the ability to remember procedures, as reported by Jobisjob.

Different companies that hire airport security guards may have different additional requirements, but most require the applicant to pass a background test and a drug test. Applicants may also be required to agree to a specific work schedule, such as seasonal or part-time work.

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