What Is the Typical Application Process for Rental Homes?

The typical application process for rental homes involves viewing the property, filling out the rental application form, credit and background check and signing the lease agreement, according to Investopedia. Paying the rent completes this process.

The tenant should survey the property in advance to ascertain that it has the amenities he wants, states Investopedia. Prior to survey, he should notify and book an appointment with the relevant custodian of the property, who may be the landlord, real estate agent or property manager.

Once the tenant is satisfied with the condition of the property, he should proceed and fill the rental application form, claims Investopedia. This form informs the landlord about the tenant's credibility. Generally, the form includes the name of the tenant, his contacts, driver's license number, employment and income status. It also includes background details about the tenant, which cover his criminal record and bankruptcies.

The next step is for the landlord to acquire information regarding the tenant's credit and criminal record reports, as indicated by Investopedia. This helps the landlord to assess the character and financial ability of the tenant. After the approval of the application, the tenant should proceed to sign the lease agreement, which includes the terms of lease. Once signed, it should be returned to the landlord with a one-month rent payment or the rent for the first and last months.