What Types of Transactions Can You Do at Cirrus Cash Machines?


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Cirrus cash machines support several different types of transactions, including inquiries as to the balance of a customer's checking or savings account, accepting the deposit of cash or checks into one of these accounts or the withdrawal of cash. Some machines also support additional features such as transferring funds.

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Though certain models of Cirrus cash machines offer different sets of features, virtually all support the basic transaction of withdrawing money from a checking or savings account, as well as taking a cash advance from a credit card. The customer must insert the card into the machine and enter the personal identification number associated with the card in order to access and take out the funds. This process is necessary to access all features on Cirrus cash machines, including checking the balance of an account linked to the card along with viewing recent transactions. If the customer has multiple accounts linked to one card, some machines also allow the customer to transfer money between them.

The Cirrus interbank network of automated teller machines is part of the MasterCard Worldwide company and allows any individual with a debit credit card that contains the MasterCard, Diners Club, Cirrus or Maestro logos. Each machine in the system maintains a link to the other machines, which all link back to a centralized banking network from MasterCard Worldwide that allows for communications with various banking systems from different financial institutions.

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