What Types of Training Does Dentrix Offer?

What Types of Training Does Dentrix Offer?

Dentrix offers hands-on training workshops, in-office certified training, profitability coaching and insight seminars. The training is ideal for students, job seekers and individuals seeking to become trainers.

Dentrix hands-on workshops provide learners with a focused learning opportunity away from the distractions of the office. They allow students to interact with a Dentrix-certified trainer as well as individuals from other practices. The workshops last between one and two days and cover various topics, including accounts receivable management, clinical charting, insurance billing and collections, and treatment planning and case presentation.

The Dentrix in-office and remote training involves the use of a Dentrix expert to provide in-office training for individuals and teams on the basics of business software. The expert teaches users on efficient ways of managing databases and getting the maximum out of case presentations as well as insurance management and collections. Dentrix customizes the training plan to focus on specific areas of the learner's job description.

Profitability coaching sessions and insight seminars provide businesses with expert advice on how to use the Dentrix system to improve productivity and profitability of the business. Insight seminars entail half-day tips and tricks and are ideal for doctors, dental assistants, office managers and the front office team.

Clients can use the Dentrix Learning Edition or Resource Center to learn the software at their own pace. The Learning Edition is a limited-use version of the Dentrix software that provides simple explanations of the software and recommends practice exercises. The resource center provides unlimited access to a wide array of information and learning tools organized for convenient reference.