What Types of Tools Do Lee Valley Tools Stores Sell?


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Lee Valley Tools stores sell gardening tools for applications such as landscaping, harvesting, propagation, soil preparation and weeding and woodworking tools for applications such as carving, log building, drilling, shaping and finishing, as of 2015. These stores also sell harvesting tools, such as fruit pickers, sickle knives and forged flower shears. The sickle knife features a rigid stainless-steel blade, which includes both a serrated and single-beveled section, and can cut through woody stems and fibrous plants.

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The Lee Valley berry scoop is a berry-picking tool that features powder-coated steel tines and a lightweight plastic casing with an internal baffle. The tool rakes berries in a sweeping motion without damaging the plant, including gooseberries, coarse blueberries and lingonberries.

The store also offers log building tools for felling, log splitting, handling, shaping and scribing. The pocket chain saw is a portable sawing tool that cuts through tree branches and roots. The chain saw offers ergonomic handles and a blade that features bidirectional teeth made of hardened high-strength steel. The Lee Valley BoWrench deck tool is a heavy-duty woodworking wrench for decking applications.

In addition to tool supplies, Lee Valley stores market hardware, including hinges, cable ties, fasteners, jig and fixture parts, and swivels and bearings.

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