What Types of Tests Does Typing Master Offer?


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As of 2015, TypingMaster provides tests of typing speed and other skills through its programs for schools, companies and personal use, notes the company's official website, TypingMaster.com. TypingMaster is a touch typing program designed to teach users how to type using interactive study material such as exercises, games and tests. Those who use the program can improve their speed and accuracy over three to five hours of training, notes CNET.com.

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TypingMaster offers four different programs: Typing Quest, TypingMaster Pro, School and Company. Typing Quest is TypingMaster's Web-based course that can be accessed from any Windows or Macintosh computer. The course has the full TypingMaster features such as study materials, speed tests, games and drills. It is suitable for personal use.

TypingMaster Pro is similar to Typing Quest. This course is designed for download to Windows computers. The program includes speed tests, smart review, games and visual drills. TypingMaster Pro also provides a typing meter widget that displays the words per minute and other typing data in real time as a student types.

TypingMaster for schools can be used at home or in the classroom. The program includes customized courses, in-class teacher tools, tests, games and drills. TypingMaster for companies allows employers to test the typing skills of job candidates online.

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