What Types of Supplies Do Bounty Hunters Need?


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The types of supplies typically necessary to start a bounty hunting business include restraints, radio equipment to communicate with other members of the company, a vehicle to transport bounties, and a computer to process the necessary paperwork. Bounty hunters may also need to obtain special licensing to operate within the state, financial equipment to track expenses, and payments and firearms or other forms of non-lethal weaponry.

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A bounty hunter is a person who works independently from, but in conjunction with, local law enforcement agencies and bail bondsmen to determine the whereabouts of individuals wanted in relation to crimes or other law violations, typically as a result of failure to appear for court dates. Starting such a business begins by finding out the state and county requirements for such a career, which can include special certification or registering with local agencies. The business also needs a computer through which it can obtain information about current open bounties and track its finances and other documents.

These businesses typically also require restraints, such as handcuffs or zip ties, to apply to individuals detained by hunters to prevent escape or physical attacks. The bounty hunters also often need a vehicle to travel to different locations while searching for the bounties and to use during transporting to local authorities. Some bounty hunters may also use tasers and stun guns to subdue bounties, which may also require special certification from the state.

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