What Are Some Types of Supplements That Standard Process Sells?


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Standard Process sells many different types of supplements, including chewable and oral tablets, liquids, capsules and wafers, many of which come from various naturally occurring plants, fruits and vegetables, as of 2015. The supplements help to boost different aspects of the body's natural processes, such as mood, alertness, memory, blood sugar health and digestive matters.

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The company's website, StandardProcess.com, allows users to browse through its entire selection of supplements in several ways, starting with different options in its main navigation bar to see different product lines. These include its body purification program, its gluten-free supplements, and the items in its 10-Day Blood Sugar Support Program. Other options on the bar allow the user to see products from other aspects of the company, including its line of pet supplements. The Products option in the navigation bar also allows users to access a list of all the supplements currently available on the site, by clicking the All Products link at the bottom of the bar.

This loads a page with its three main product categories and multiple filtering options to narrow the selection of supplements. Filters cover aspects such as dietary restrictions, the delivery method of the supplement, the type of product, and the name of the product. Each section include multiple options with check boxes, allowing users to view multiple segments at the same time.

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