What Types of Services Does Acces D Affaires Offer?

What Types of Services Does Acces D Affaires Offer?

Desjardin Group's AccesD Affaires online financial suite provides users with tools for payments and transfers, as well as account management and information. The suite is marketed to businesses and self-employed individuals.

The payment-management functions available through AccesD Affaires provide direct electronic payment of business or individual bills. This includes remittances to governments, such as taxes and amounts withheld from payroll. Users of the service can also issue stop-payment orders on physical cheques or automatic withdrawals, according to the Desjardin Group's site.

AccesD Affaires also provides tools for transfer of funds into and out of the business. Users can accept direct pre-authorized payments from users or subscribers anywhere in Canada, or provide direct-deposit payment to employees. Other money-transfer tools include the option of moving funds between the company's accounts in Canadian or non-Canadian currency; as well as transferring funds to out-of-country destinations.

Users can check the balance of their Desjardin accounts at any time, and can search for specific transactions or transactions over a range of dates. Hardcopy cheques can be retrieved and viewed in PDF format, as an additional transaction-verification tool. Users receive a year-end summary of all account activity.

AccesD Affaires furnishes tools for active management of accounts. This includes the ability to delegate specific tasks or signing authority to employees or outside partners, while retaining overall control of the account. Companies that retain cash reserves in the form of interest-bearing term deposits can move those funds directly from operating accounts to the appropriate investment vehicles, without any intervening steps.

Only Desjardin account holders are eligible to register for AccesD Affaires. The program's features are available online, or through Desjardin's mobile app for Android or iOS.