What Types of Section 8 Housing Are Available in Allegheny County?

What Types of Section 8 Housing Are Available in Allegheny County?

Allegheny County Housing Authority, or ACHA, has various units for Section 8 housing in safe buildings throughout Allegheny county, and the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh, or HACP, has residential properties such as high-rise and low-rise apartments, single family detached homes, townhouses, row houses, duplexes and condominiums, according to their websites. More information regarding Section 8 housing at these properties is available from ACHA at 412-355-8940 and HACP at 412-456-5111, as of 2015.

HACP provides a free online search tool to find Section 8 housing in Allegheny County, as noted on its website. Follow these steps below to use the tool.

  1. Visit HACP online
  2. Go to HACP's website from a browser. Move the cursor over the "Housing Options" tab in the header menu, and click the "Property Search" link.

  3. Provide search criteria
  4. Enter a street address and select a neighborhood from the drop-down menu, if desired. To search the entire county, leave these two fields as they are by default. Click the "Subsidy Status" drop-down menu and select "Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8)." Choose the number of bedrooms and specify if senior housing or wheelchair accessibility is required. If a specific type of property is desired, select it under the "Property Type" section. Click the boxes of the necessary amenities for the property, such as on-site laundry, off-street parking, utilities included community recreation center or playground. Click the "Search" button to proceed.

  5. View search results
  6. The page will display the address, location, housing type, amount of bedrooms, property manager's phone number, rent, amenities and a photograph, if available, for each listing. It displays nine results per page.

  7. View particular listing
  8. Click on a listing to view more information about it. The page will also display further contact information, such as a contact name and email address.