What Types of Scales Are Included in the RCBS Parts Catalog?

As of October 2015, RCBS offers the Rangemaster 2000 Electronic Scale, the M500 Mechanical Scale and the RC 130 Mechanical Scale in its parts catalog. It also lists some replacement parts for the Rangemaster and M500 and scale-check weights to verify mechanical scales are measuring accurately.

The Rangemaster 2000 Electronic Scale measures bullets, bullet casings, gunpowder and loaded cartridges. The scale holds up to 2000 grains with accuracy of plus or minus 0.1 grains. It works with both DC and AC power and has a touchscreen LCD readout which automatically shuts off. Other features include right- and left-hand functionality and the inclusion of two 50-gram calibration weights.

The M500 Mechanical Scale provides the same measurement facilities, accuracy and ambidextrous functions of the Rangemaster. The scale carries a capacity 505 grains, and the weighing pan is spill-proof. It also includes a grain-to-gram conversion chart to aid computation.

The scale-check weights come in standard- and deluxe-size options and include tweezers for appropriate weight-handling.

Available replacement parts include scale pans, supports, end loops, leveling feet and scale covers. For replacement parts for the RC 130 Mechanical Scale and more part options or repairs for the Rangemaster and M500, customers are instructed to contact RCBS customer service.