What Types of Retirement Plans Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Offer?


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Blue Cross Blue Shield offers retirement services such as a 401(k), financial planning advice, Blue Planning, a preretirement workshop, credit unions and banking perks. Disability benefits and life insurance policies are also available, notes Blue Cross Blue Shield. The company offers employees every opportunity to reach their retirement savings goals.

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Employees can contribute the legal maximum amount to their 401(k), starting with the first pay cycle, according to Blue Cross Blue Shield. The company matches these contributions 100 percent, with additional contributions for people aged 50 or older. Enrolling in a Roth 401(k) is also an option for Blue Cross Blue Shield employees.

Blue Cross Blue Shield offers one-on-one and group sessions on financial planning through Fidelity and Merrill Lynch. These sessions provide valuable information on 401(k)s, retirement savings and executing retirement goals, per Blue Cross Blue Shield. The Blue Planning online tool analyses current savings and shows several retirement options.

Both short- and long-term disability benefits are available to employees, along with a basic life insurance policy, states Blue Cross Blue Shield. The company offers added long-term disability coverage, as well as supplemental life insurance for employees and their families. A business travel insurance policy offers protection while traveling on company business.

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