What Types of Questions Are on a Notary Practice Test?

The National Notary Association features several true or false practice test questions on its website that might appear on a certification exam. One question asks whether a notary has permission to certify documents in all states. Copy certification is the topic of two questions. Notaries should know under what legal circumstances is it okay to use a copy certification by document custodian. Another question focuses on the issue of unauthorized copies and immigration documents.

State-specific websites devoted to notary training and testing often feature public or private access to sample test questions. NotaryPublicCentral.com is a resource for people pursuing notary licensing in upstate New York. The test prep page features a list of multiple-choice question topics, such as where to file an oath of office, residency allowances, jurisdiction and legal expectations. Several questions are about the essence of being a notary, and candidates should understand what a notary is and does by definition.

Blue Desk Notary provides educational training and certification for individuals in California. Those who sign up for the main six-hour course or the three-hour renewal course are given access to 100 practice test questions. All questions are reviewed by the California Secretary of State, and attendees can take the whole test or answer select questions. Notary licensing prospects should seek online sites and courses that feature questions related to each state's notary exam.