What Types of Questions Are on a Job Placement Test?


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The types of questions most frequently included on job placement tests include abstract thinking, understanding of information provided numerically, ability to process written information and personality characteristics. Mechanical reasoning is included on tests for technical or engineering positions.

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Abstract thinking questions measure problem solving skills and one's ability to reach the correct solution using unfamiliar information. These questions tend to involve sequences, such as asking for the next correct shape in a sequence or what figure will logically complete a list of figures. Questions related to understanding and making appropriate deductions from statistical information and numerical data require using facts and figures provided in narrative form and statistical tables to reach the correct answers.

Verbal reasoning and reading comprehension questions present information in narrative form followed by a question that may require an answer of true or false or by a sample of three or four conclusions, requiring a decision as to which conclusion is correct or most logical. Questions related to personality characteristics do not have right or wrong answers. They are designed to measure personality traits indicative of success in a specific position, such as ability to work on a team, cope with stress or comply with regulations.

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