What Types of Questions Are Found on Custodian Examinations?

What Types of Questions Are Found on Custodian Examinations?

Questions on custodian examinations are designed to evaluate technical knowledge, gauge ability to understand written instructions and apply this information to scenarios expected as part of the role. Custodian examinations are written tests with multiple choice questions, such as, “What method should be used to deep clean carpet?”

The San Francisco Department of Human Resources provides a custodian and porter candidate handbook that includes an overview of the examination and sample questions. The examination is based on knowledge, skills and abilities deemed critical for successful job performance and focuses on seven key areas.

The knowledge, skills and abilities section in the San Francisco custodian examination has a 26-percent weighting and focuses on routine cleaning functions. Sample questions include, “A custodian is mopping a large floor area. How often should the water be changed?” and, “Which of the following is best used to absorb water on a wet floor?”

The examination also includes questions about safety law and disposing of hazardous materials. Questions about deep-cleaning functions account for 16 percent of questions in the test. A sample question from this section is, “What method should be used to deep clean carpet?” The additional four sections of the custodian examination include questions on ethics, restroom cleaning, equipment use, and tools and supply use. All questions are multiple choice with only one correct answer for each.

The custodian examination required by the New York State Department of Civil Service focuses on five key areas, and successful completion is required for high-level custodians and janitors. Sample questions include, “According to the schedule of custodial work presented here, how often should other corridors and lobbies be wet mopped?” and, “When condensation water from a window air conditioner drips onto the floor inside a room, which one of the following is the best solution?”