What Types of Questions Are on a Food Safety Exam?

Food safety exam questions cover a multitude of issues regarding food safety, and questions range from the behavior of food borne infections to the use of hand sanitizers. The American Food Safety Institute provides numerous practice test questions for the food manager certification exam at its website.

Food safety exams are likely to include questions that test a person's knowledge about cooking temperatures, and a question about proper cooking temperature for raw meat is not uncommon. In this instance, a list of temperatures are given, and the test taker picks the one she thinks is correct. A sanitation question about the health risks of insects in the kitchen requires knowing which insect poses the greatest risk to human health.

Test takers should expect various questions regarding how room temperature affects foods. For instance, a multiple choice question entails choosing if beef, a moldy baked potato, hair in soup or an ant boiling in soup is the most dangerous health threat.

The exam might have a question about the best reason to air dry dishes, or one requiring the identification of a virus. Knowing the names and health dangers of bacteria and viruses, such as salmonella, Hepatitis A, ciguatera and listeria monocytogens, is a must. Another question requires choosing one thawing method that is not approved.