What Types of Questions Are on an Aptitude Test for a Maintenance Position?


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Aptitude tests for maintenance positions generally include questions to assess verbal and reading comprehension, mechanical aptitude and an understanding of mechanical concepts, and basic math and reasoning skills. A multiple choice format is most common.

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Maintenance positions require the ability to understand and apply written and verbal instructions. Expect questions ranging from identifying correctly spelled words to selecting the correct grammar to complete a sentence. Another common type of question describes a situation and requires the test taker to select the statement that best reflects the meaning of the description. In another common question type, the test taker must arrange a number of statements in the most logical order.

The content and difficulty of questions regarding mechanical concepts vary by the type of maintenance position. Understanding the specific position's responsibilities, as well as the required tools, knowledge, skills and abilities, is the key to properly preparing for these questions. Questions often include drawings of a mechanical problem or descriptions of a situation that requires an understanding of mechanics.

Reasoning skills questions are usually written within a job-related context. For example, the question provides details regarding a work-related situation and the mechanic's efforts to address it, and the test-taker selects the statement that most clearly and correctly explains what occurred. Math questions vary from basic calculations to more complicated word problems and advanced mathematical applications, depending on the type and complexity of the work.

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