What Are Some Types of Propaganda?

types-propaganda Credit: CSA Images/Printstock Collection/CSA Images/Getty Images

Types of propaganda include the act of showcasing only the best features of an individual or product while deliberately omitting details that detract from that image. This is known as card stacking, and the practice involves direct lies concerning what is being advertised as well as half-truths designed to sound convincing. Other types of propaganda include testimonials and the use of glittering generalities.

One of the most basic forms of advertising propaganda is the use of the testimonial, which involves utilizing a well-known authority as a spokesman for a product or idea. This propaganda works because consumers often feel a personal connection to the person endorsing the product and are therefore more likely to purchase the product.

Another popular propaganda technique is known as "glittering generalities." This involves the use of non-specific words and phrases that are chosen to elicit emotional reactions in those who hear them. This technique involves misdirecting consumers because they are likely to focus on generalities such as "love" or "home" instead of critically examining a product or idea. These generalities can also be used to perform a sleight-of-hand on consumers, as when a high-calorie food item is made to sound healthier because it is billed as "low fat." Because consumers equate "low fat" with "healthy," they overlook the large and unhealthy amount of calories in the food being advertised.