What Types of Programs Does the Alzheimer's Association Offer?

What Types of Programs Does the Alzheimer's Association Offer?

The Alzheimer's Association offers adult day centers, in-home care, residential care, respite care and hospice care programs. Adult day centers offer a break for full-time Alzheimer's disease caregivers while providing services for those with Alzheimer's disease in a social and safe environment, notes the Alzheimer's Association. Some of these services include counseling for dementia patients and their families, health and medical services, nutritious meals and nutritional education programs, personal care, social and recreational activities, behavior management, therapy and special needs accommodation.

The Alzheimer's Association's in-home health care program brings specialized services to the home and can involve medical care or just assistance with daily living, states the Alzheimer's Association. An at-home caregiver in this program often helps with housekeeping, meals, shopping, overall hygiene, recreational activities, visiting and physical therapy.

Residential care programs are provide care for dementia patients in long-term living facilities like retirement housing, assisted living homes, nursing homes, Alzheimer's disease special care units and continuing care retirement communities.

Respite care provides temporary breaks for Alzheimer caregivers by providing trustworthy care for those with Alzheimer's disease for a short amount of time either in a care center or at home.

The hospice care program offers healthcare and support to people in the final stages of Alzheimer's disease. Specially trained medical caregivers provide physical, mental and emotional care for patients as well as grief counseling for families.