What Types of Products Does TENA Offer?


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TENA sells wearable products for adult incontinence, such as absorbent panty-liner pads, underwear guards, underwear and disposable briefs. The company also offers hygienic wipes, creams and underpads.

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Pads for women fasten to the inside of regular underpants via an adhesive strip. The pads come in light, moderate and heavy thicknesses to accommodate minor stress leakage or more pronounced incontinence. Regular length and extra long sizes are available. Other features include odor control and a cotton outer lining. Guards for men are the equivalent of pads for women.

Users can put on and take off disposable underwear the same way as regular underwear, but TENA's underwear also has tear-off sides for easier removal. Classic briefs can handle fecal as well as urinary incontinence. A wetness indicator on the outside of both these and the bariatric briefs shows a caregiver when the briefs needs changing.

The pad and pants products consist of pads made to fit TENA's reusable knit underpants. These, too, have a wetness indicator. Disposable pre-moistened wipes include tissues and larger washcloths. Body wash and lotions are also available. Underpads lie flat under a person to protect a seat or bed.

Consumers and healthcare providers can request a free sample kit for themselves, loved ones or patients on TENA.US. Each kit contains information and a selection of pads, guards or underwear.

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