What Types of Products Does McMaster-Carr Sell?


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As of 2015, McMaster-Carr sells over 550,000 household improvement products and supplies spread over a wide variety of categories, including fasteners such as screws, nuts and pins. The company also carries various adhesives, tapes, rivets, nails and hose reels.

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Customers can purchase various parts that are used in pressure and temperature control, such as thermometers, resistance temperature detectors, heat exchangers, chillers and gauges. McMaster-Carr also carries various types of raw materials, including carbon fiber, expanded metal, casting compounds, various metals and ceramics. Customers looking to do fabrication work can also purchase milling cutters, pressers, sheet metal formers, static eliminating blowers and hot plates from the company.

McMaster-Carr's product inventory includes a variety of safety supplies, including welding helmets, safety railings, video surveillance equipment, floor marking tape and protective screens. A customer looking for basic equipment for the tool box can also find hammers, staplers, nailers, screw extractors, tool sets and nonsparking tools as part of McMaster-Carr's product catalog.

McMaster-Carr is a distribution company that specializes in industrial products and sells to businesses based in both the United States and international locations. The company was founded as the McMaster-Carr Supply Company in 1901 and is headquartered in the city of Elmhurst, Illinois.

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