What Types of Products Are Made by Kyani?

What Types of Products Are Made by Kyani?

Kyani produces nutritional supplements to promote healthier living by supplying essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and Nitric Oxide. The core products produced by Kyani are packaged and sold as the Kyani Health Triangle and contain Kyani Sunrise, Kyani Sunset and Kyani Nitro.

The first product within the Kyani Health Triangle is Kyani Sunrise. Designed for morning consumption, the product provides the essential vitamins and trace minerals to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The product is advertised to bolster effective stress management, maintain heart health, regulate healthy inflammatory response, improve joint flexibility and increase energy.

Kyani Sunset, the second product within the Kyani Health Triangle, is a blend of Tocotrienols and wild Alaskan salmon oils. Marketed as a "superfood," this blend is promoted to improve cardiovascular health, blood sugar levels and cognitive function.

The final product within the Kyani Health Triangle is Kyani NitroFX. This supplement uses the strength of Nitric Oxide to encourage blood flow, improve nutrient absorption, support cognitive function, boost energy levels, increase sexual health and aid in weight management.

The bulk of Kyani products are derived from natural Alaskan sources, such as wild salmon and a blend of wild blueberries. Kyani claims that its blend provides vital nutrients and minerals to repair, maintain and defend the human body against diseases.