What Types of Products Does FireKing Sell?

FireKing sells safes, office products and different types of video surveillance systems. Office products include fireproof file cabinets, composite burglary and fire safes, fire and water chests, data safes, and cash and key management products. Video surveillance systems feature indoor, outdoor, commercial, business and HD surveillance systems.

The FireKing's fireproof file cabinet features a fire and damage resistant build, and it also resists water damage from fire sprinklers. Cabinets vary in size and shape, and include vertical and lateral cabinets, turtle cabinets, patriot cabinets and international file cabinets. Composite burglary and fire safes provide both fire protection and resistance to heavy power tools, sledgehammers and other heavy duty tools. Fire and water chests are small storage units for paper documents and digital media, keeping inside items dry even if the outsides are wet. FireKing's data safes protects computer data storage units from fire, dust and other hazards, while the cash and key management products offer key cabinets, steel cash drawers and cash boxes.

The outdoor surveillance system provides continual coverage of outside activities, even at night. The HD system provides clear resolution and is useful for examining small items. Retail and commercial systems help businesses maintain security and prevent shoplifting.