What Types of Products Do Asian Online Markets Sell?

Online Asian markets offer a variety of products including foods such as rice, dried shrimp and other seafood and spices, health and beauty supplements, housewares and other traditional items that are hard to find in the United States. Many online Asian markets offer authentic Asian and Indian brands and varieties of food rather than or in addition to Americanized versions.

Websites such as AsianFoodGrocer.com sell Japanese brands of rice and noodles such as Kagayaki, Nishiki, Hakubaku and Minokuni. Other online markets such as MarukaieStore.com and HMart.com stock traditional preparations of condiments such as pickled ginger, wasabi and kimchi, while some even offer traditional dressed and processed foods such as sushi nori, octopus and dried mushroom. However, as with other online food markets, availability of fresh produce and meats depends on the market’s delivery area.

Online Asian markets also offer housewares and cooking utensils, such as chopsticks, rice steamers, rice bowls and dishes, and traditional tea sets, that are usually only available at brick-and-mortar Asian markets. Customers can also find beauty and health care supplements such as whole kernel coconut oil, red ginseng and royal jelly. Many online markets also sell specialty items such as origami paper, popular Asian toys and novelties.