What Types of Policies Does Reliable Life Insurance Company Offer?

Specializing in customized policies for individuals, firms and organizations, Reliable Life Insurance Company offers personalized, private-label health, disability, life, travel and child accident insurance policies, as of 2015, states the company. The insurance firm operates in the private-label market in the United States and Canada.

Reliable Life Insurance Company offers accident and health insurance policies that include accident and sickness coverage, disability income insurance, in-hospital money plan and extended health plan coverage, notes the company.

The InsureMyKids Protection Plan is a child health insurance option for families who want financial protection from unprecedented expenses not covered by other insurance plans, particularly injuries at home or school, explains the company. Reliable Life also distributes short- and long-term policies through brokers and travel agencies in Canada. Being the largest private-label insurance provider in Canada, Reliable Life offers coverage to more than a million travelers every year, as of 2015.

Reliable Life underwrites 13 private-labeled policies and does not compete with its partners, notes the company. The insurance firm delivers outstanding services by handling claim settlements and payments appropriately. Reliable Life is a subsidiary of Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada, which is a property and casualty insurance provider that focuses on underwriting long-haul trucking. Based in Hamilton, Ontario, Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada was established in 1887.