What Types of Policies Are Provided by Canadian Direct Insurance?


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Canadian Direct Insurance provides auto, home and travel insurance policies. Auto insurance policy covers third-party legal liability, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage and deductibles. Third-party legal liability covers the car owner if the car is involved in an accident that resulted into a third party dying or property being destroyed. Auto insurance features an excess liability of up to $5 million, says Canadian Direct Insurance.

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Collision coverage takes care of any physical damage caused by another vehicle, object or individual on the insured’s car. Physical damage caused by any other peril such as earthquake, fire, civil commotion or explosion is covered by comprehensive coverage. The deductibles coverage is featured in collision and comprehensive claims where the insured has to pay the claim from his own pocket, points out Canadian Direct Insurance.

Home insurance is categorized into tenants, condominium and homeowner insurance. Tenants insurance covers the renters in case their personal belongings are stolen or damaged unintentionally. Tenants insurance also sorts out damage caused on to other people’s property by the insured, says Canadian Direct Insurance.

Condominium insurance covers personal property and enhancements on a condominium unit. This policy also covers loss caused by improper assessment from a regulatory institution. Homeowner insurance covers personal property, house and other outdoor structures, whereas travel insurance covers up to $10,000,000 daily rate, states Canadian Direct Insurance.

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