What Types of Policies Are Offered by Ceta Insurance?

Ceta Insurance offers home, vehicle, leisure and personal insurance policies, according to its website. Business insurance policies, including office, landlord, shop, home office and two types of liability insurance, are also available. Home office insurance provides coverage against the loss of data and business equipment.

Landlord insurance and home insurance options include let property insurance and five-star emergency coverage, details Ceta. Landlords and homeowners can also purchase unoccupied property insurance in three-month blocks. Landlord insurance also includes optional legal expenses and rent guarantee, which covers a landlord's legal expenses in the event of a tenant claim and guarantees rent payments on defaulting tenants. Ceta offers more than 50 house insurance products.

Ceta's leisure insurance products include caravan insurance, boat insurance, horse insurance and six types of travel insurance, advises Ceta. Personal insurance products include mortgage insurance and identification coverage. Mortgage insurance can act as a stand-alone income protector, protect loans and cover rental and mortgage payments. Identification coverage assists individuals with the necessary funding to reinstate credit status, recover identity and defend their name against identity theft.

Three levels of vehicle breakdown coverage are available under the umbrella of vehicle insurance, explains Ceta. Breakdown coverage spans Europe, including the United Kingdom.