What Types of Plans Does AARP Dental Offer?


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The types of dental plans offered by AARP include Dental PPO, prepaid dental and discount dental, states AARP. There are two types of Dental PPO plans, namely Plan A and Plan B.

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Benefits that come with the Dental PPO plan include the choice to visit any licensed dentist but with lower cost applicable to dentists under the PPO network. For dentist within the network, the patient simply pays a coinsurance while the insurer takes care of the rest of the amount, explains AARP. Plan A covers 80 percent of the charges on periodontal maintenance cleanings, denture repair, rebase and relining, while Plan B caters for 50 percent.

The Prepaid Dental Plan, also called dental HMO plans, require an enrollee to choose one dentist with whom all the dental services are undertaken. In the case that a specialist’s care is needed, it is up to the dentist to make referrals, which may require preauthorization, states AARP. It has no maximums or deductibles; instead the client pays a fixed copayment amount. In most cases, diagnosis and preventive treatment are free. Expenses incurred during a visit to a dentist outside the network are not covered. The discount plan, also known as reduced-fee-for-service plan, offers passage to dental services at a discount with payments made at the end of the month or at the end of the year. It has no deductibles or maximums, but to access the discounts the clients must go to dentists within the network.

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