What Types of Personal Accounts Does PNC Bank Have?


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PNC Bank offers seven types of savings-related accounts for personal banking customers (Premium Money Market, Virtual Wallet, Certificate of Deposit, Individual Retirement Accounts, Statement Savings, Health Savings Account and "S" is for Savings) and multiple types of checking accounts, as of April 2015. The financial institution was the seventh-largest bank in the United States in 2013, according to SNL Financial.

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Statement Savings is an account for customers who are interested in saving to meet either a short-term or long-term goal. Premium Money Market is an account for customers with long-term saving needs who want higher interest rates in exchange for maintaining a higher balance in their accounts. For a fixed interest rate, the bank offers a Certificate of Deposit, which allows customers to earn a higher rate with longer terms, notes FindABetterBank.

"S" is for Savings is for customers age 18 and younger that is designed to teach them the basics of saving and spending. For adults contemplating retirement, the bank offers Individual Retirement Accounts to help them save for retirement and potentially receive tax advantages. Health Savings Account enables customers to save for qualified medical expenses. Virtual Wallet is a money management solution that is also available as a checking account option.

Here are the six checking accounts:

  1. Standard Checking
  2. Virtual Wallet
  3. Performance Select Checking
  4. Performance Checking
  5. Virtual Wallet Performance Spend
  6. Virtual Wallet Performance Select
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