What Types of Part-Time Jobs Are Ideal for Students?

What Types of Part-Time Jobs Are Ideal for Students?

Part-time jobs ideal for students are positions as nannies, administrative assistants or aerobic instructors, as well as on-campus jobs. These jobs not only have potential to bring in a healthy amount of extra cash but they are also adaptable to a student's class schedule.

Nanny positions are often easy to find in a college community. Many professors hire college students to watch their children, and they tend to pay reasonably well. Hours are flexible, and the work is frequently fun. This job does not apply only to females either. Parents of young boys like to find active young men who are good role models for their sons.

Administrative assistant positions are often available on a part-time basis, especially in smaller offices. These jobs work for both males and females and usually require decent computer skills, the ability to work well with people and a willingness to learn.

If a student is proficient in aerobics or any type of exercise, becoming an instructor at a local gym or YMCA is a fun way to make extra money. Students can plan their work classes around their school classes fairly easily with this type of job, and it is a great way to keep fit at school as well.

Colleges offer a variety of jobs for students on campus from working in the library to being a resident assistant in a dormitory. Students who are especially strong in a particular subject can find tutoring positions in the various subject labs. Other students work in the administrative offices or give campus tours to visitors.