What Are Some Types of Overseas Civilian Jobs?


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Some overseas jobs for civilians include hospitality and food service, teaching, au pairing, and travel writing. These jobs are all popular choices for Americans seeking employment abroad.

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Hotel or food service positions are common choices for Americans looking for work overseas. From waiters to cooks to hotel concierges, many positions are available to foreigners. CatererGlobal.com offers a wide range of job listings in the service and hospitality industry at locations all over the world.

Teaching is another popular choice for Americans looking for employment overseas. Many individuals find work teaching English abroad, particularly in countries such as South Korea. These positions typically require a college degree and fluency in both spoken and written English.

Many Americans also find overseas work as au pairs, caring for a family’s children. These jobs offer great opportunities to live abroad, and room and board are typically covered in addition to a small salary. There are au-pair positions available in many countries across the world, including locations in Europe, Asia and South America.

Travel writing is another opportunity perfectly suited to Americans living or traveling abroad. Talented writers can seek employment with an existing travel publication or use the Internet to start their own. Travel writer positions are typically freelance, meaning that writers are not locked into a job for any set period of time.

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