What Types of Mutual Funds Does Merrill Lynch Offer?

Merrill Edge offers its customers a variety of mutual fund options, with one-, three-, five- and 10-year funds available for investment. Each period has different mutual fund categories, such as health, multi-currency, financial, technology and consumer cyclical. Customers also choose from load-waived funds, no-transaction-fee funds, transaction-fee funds and load funds, as noted by Merrill Edge.

Prospective investors can compare the annual returns and Morningstar ratings of each mutual fund, according to Merrill Edge.

Health, financial and technology mutual funds focus on companies in those industries, as reported by U.S. News. Consumer cyclical mutual funds refer to stocks that are heavily dependent on the current economic conditions, such as the housing and retail industries. It is important for buyers to assess the economic performance of an industry before choosing a mutual fund at Merrill Edge.

Load-waived mutual funds come with no fees, as stated by Investopedia. Investors must pay commissions on load funds. No-transaction-fee funds are similar to load-waived funds, but they come with a short-term redemption fee if the mutual fund is terminated within the first three months. Transaction-fee funds have fees for each online transaction, and they charge a higher fee for transactions requiring help from a Merrill Edge representative.