What Types of Medical Jobs Can Be Done From Home?


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Medical jobs that can be done from home include medical transcription, medical writing and medical recruiting. Work-at-home medical careers are ideal for people who do not want to work at a hospital or an office.

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There is relatively high demand for medical transcriptionists because of the current quality of voice recognition software designed for use in the medical field. A medical transcriptionist is responsible for listening to physicians’ recordings and typing up notes for medical records. The skills required for the job include typing, familiarity with medical terminology and accuracy. A training course in medical transcription also helps.

Hospital systems, publishers and pharmaceutical companies employ freelance medical writers. Medical writers mainly write about general medical knowledge, medical research and regulatory affairs among other topics, and their content often finds use in health care websites, marketing brochures and medical textbooks. A degree in communications or life science is useful for working in this field.

Lastly, medical recruiters often work from home recruiting physicians, nurses and other health care professionals in the industry. The main equipment required for the job includes a computer, a good Internet connection and a phone. The position may require traveling depending on the employer. Some experienced recruiters also work on contract and are paid by the hour.

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