What Types of Massage Equipment Do Chiropractors Use?


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Some of the types of massage equipment chiropractors use include spinalator tables, chiropractic massage tables, motorized massage tables and water massage tables, according to HydroMassage. Chiropractors may also use professional grade vibrating massagers to relax a patient's deep muscle tissues, reports Active Forever.

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With spinalator tables, the patient lies on the chiropractor's table and the spinalator roller moves up and down their back with the help of a travel system, explains HydroMassage. The roller applies pressure on the back by lifting and elevating each of the spine's segments on its way up and down the body.

A patient can lie on a chiropractor's massage table so that the therapist can give them a hands-on massage, according to HydroMassage. Motorized massage tables are rolling tables that massage the patient using rolling balls or bars. These tables are beneficial for some patients, though patients who experience severe pain may find them too harsh. A water massage table combines heat, water and massages to help the patient relax and to provide therapy.

Chiropractors also use powerful grade vibrating massagers to relax deep muscle tissues and reduce painful spasms and contractions, according to Active Forever. These powerful massagers can also help reduce nerve compression. There are some brands that provide massages of varying intensity depending on the severity of the patient's aches and pains. Other brands can help relieve muscle tension as a result of fatigue or stress.

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