What types of livestock trailers does Barrett sell?


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Barrett sells a variety of livestock trailers that include models in both gooseneck and semi configurations, with some models featuring a punch side or slat side construction. It also sells specialty hog trailers that feature flat floors, special weather protection, and other features that tailor to the specific needs of transporting hogs as opposed to other types of animals.

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The livestock trailers Barrett sells typically come in either a gooseneck or semi format. A gooseneck trailer has an overhang area that sits above the coupling, making it usable with smaller pickup trucks, while semi trailers require a semi-truck to haul. Barrett's gooseneck trailers are designed for a wide range of livestock types, with models featuring ventilation through a slat side configuration, LED lighting on the interior and a solid aluminum roof. The company also has a multiple models of semi trailers, some of which are specifically designed for hauling cattle or other large animals.

The company's special line of hog trailers come as semi trailers exclusively, as this type of trailer allows for the hauling of larger quantities over longer distances. The company can help clients meet specific needs relating to storage methods, coupling options or handling by custom modifying the structure of the unit or adding additional rear axles. All of Barrett's trailers feature aluminum construction, and most offer optional additions or modifications for an additional fee.

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