What Types of Kayaks Does ClearWater Design Sell?


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ClearWater Design manufactures and sells kayaks for recreational, day touring and touring applications. The company also sells kayaks for children, stand-up paddle boards, canoes and outdoor furniture.

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ClearWater's recreational kayaks come in five styles, ranging in length from about 9 to 16 feet and having carrying capacities from 250 to 500 pounds. The Nunu is the smallest recreational kayak, weighing only 42 pounds, while the two-seater Nunavut is the longest and the heaviest at 69 pounds. The Tofino, Iqaluit and Inuvik are all one-seaters and are intermediate in size. Recreational kayaks are good for casual paddling in creeks, shallow rivers, small lakes, narrow passageways and small coves. However, they are not designed for paddling long distances and are not safe to use over open rough waters.

Touring kayaks have a longer, narrower and sleeker design that make them ideal for paddling in big rivers, open lakes, large bays, seas and ocean surfs. Capable of traveling great distances at faster speeds with relatively less effort, touring kayaks can easily ride large waves and have a rudder or skeg for better control. They also have more cargo room, making them ideal for overnight trips and expeditions.

Established in 1995, ClearWater is a family-owned business located in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada, where all of its manufacturing takes place. According to its website, the company uses computerized rotational molding methods to make high-quality kayaks.

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