What Types of Jobs Would Retirees Be Best For?


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Some good jobs for retirees include retail, consulting, temp work and tutoring. These fields offer flexible hours and less stressful workloads, making them ideal for retirees looking to work part-time.

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What Types of Jobs Would Retirees Be Best For?
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Retail positions offer low levels of commitment and stress, and employees can typically maintain flexible hours. While retailers commonly employ younger workers, many appreciate older employees who are more responsible and better able to interact with customers. Seasonal hire positions are an ideal choice for retirees looking to pick up extra income.

Retirees with specialized skills can often find part-time or freelance work in consulting. Companies hire consultants for the duration of specific projects or to fill in gaps in employment, so this work can be flexible but inconsistent. Consultants in fields such as computer programming, litigation and finance are highly desired.

Temp work is another option for retirees looking for job flexibility. Finding work through a temp agency typically leads to short stretches of employment, ranging from a day to several weeks. The nature of the work means temp employees can pass on jobs when they don’t feel like working.

Tutoring is another part-time job that allows retirees to set their own pay rates and hours. Whether the subject is reading, math or SAT preparation, skilled retirees can offering tutoring services through larger education companies or as private tutors.

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