What Types of Jobs Does USAF Offer?

What Types of Jobs Does USAF Offer?

Some of the jobs that the United States Air Force offers include space systems operations, air traffic control operations, combat control and tactical aircraft maintenance. Advanced careers include judge advocate officers and health care professionals.

A career in the United States Air Force may be in military operations, science, health care or technology. There are careers for enlisted member and officers, as well as commissioned officers who work as health care professionals. Some of the jobs that enlisted members can have include helicopter maintenance apprentices, aerial gunners, radio communication systems apprentices and aviation resource management apprentices. Other jobs for enlisted members include airfield management apprentices, supply management apprentices and traffic management apprentices.

Officers in the United States Air Force can have flight jobs, non technical jobs and specialty jobs. Examples of flight jobs include airlift pilots, bomber pilots, fighter pilots, helicopter pilots, tanker pilots and airlift navigators. Other flight jobs include warfare navigators and astronauts.

Non technical jobs in the United States Air Force are air battle managers, intelligence officers, foreign area officers, security forces officers and communications commanders. Other non technical jobs include logicticians, supply officers, mission support officers and acquisition commanders.

Specialty jobs include podiatrists, physical therapist officers, clinical psychologists, dietitian officers and general practice physicians. Other specialty jobs in the United States Air Force include chaplains, judge advocates, civil engineers, dentists and financial management officers.