Which Types of Jobs Require a Two-Year Degree?

Types of jobs that require a two-year degree include registered nurse, nuclear technician, radiation therapist and funeral service director. These are also some of the highest paying jobs requiring an associate’s degree.

Registered nurses typically work alongside doctors in hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities. Nurses are largely responsible for providing patients with vital information on health conditions and facilitating patient care. Job security for registered nurse positions does not typically depend on the economy. Successful candidates for the position require associate’s degrees in nursing.

Nuclear technicians are typically required to have associate’s degrees in nuclear technology or a related field in order to qualify for the position. Technicians usually work under nuclear engineers and physicists in nuclear energy production and research. Work environments include research laboratories and nuclear power plants.

Radiation is commonly used to treat and cure various forms of cancer, and radiation therapists are required to have associate’s degrees in radiation therapy. Responsibilities may include observing and recording a patient’s responses to treatments, checking and maintaining equipment, and documenting treatment sessions.

Lastly, funeral service directors are usually required to have associate’s degrees in funeral service education. Responsibilities may include planning, coordinating and directing the duties and services offered in a funeral home. There is demand for professional funeral services, and there are good career prospects in the industry.