What Types of Jobs Does Norfolk Southern Railroad Offer?

What Types of Jobs Does Norfolk Southern Railroad Offer?

Norfolk Southern Railroad offers hourly, intern, management and co-op positions. The Fortune 500 company has over 30,000 employees in positions ranging from accounting to government relations to engineering to labor. As of 2015, the company operates in 22 states and has positions available in most locations. Most positions are hourly and covered under a collective bargaining agreement. Employees must join the union within a probationary time period.

Some commonly open positions include conductor trainee, crew management center dispatcher, pipefitter and machinist. The company also frequently recruits electricians, boiler makers, signal trainees and freight car repair persons.

Salaried positions include internal auditors, secretaries and lawyers, as well as law enforcement and IT specialists. The professional, salaried positions are most often available in Georgia and Virginia, though sometimes there are openings in other locations.

Norfolk Southern also has a management training program, which involves on-the-job training and department rotations over the course of one full year. The program includes operations training and is offered in multiple areas, including claims, mechanical, accounting, marketing and transportation. The company also hires trainees in communication, construction management, design and network management.

Additionally, Norfolk Southern has an Operations Supervisor Trainee program that offers railroad-specific training in intermodal operations, engineering, mechanical and transportation operations. Candidates for this program must have previous supervisory experience.