What Types of Jobs Can a Person Get With an Aviation Degree?

Common jobs held by those with aviation degree include pilot, air traffic controller, flight instructor and airline manager. While pilot is commonly thought of as the most common aviation career, many other options are available for aviation majors.

Many aviation majors find work as commercial pilots, typically in either air transport or charter and corporate piloting. Air transport pilots fly commercial planes that transport passengers and cargo. Charter and corporate pilots also transport passengers, but they typically fly smaller planes, transporting wealthy passengers over short distances.

Air traffic controller is another possible position for an aviation major. This stressful job involves micromanaging incoming flights at airports. All air traffic controllers must receive training from the Federal Aviation Administration. Some aviation degrees offer FAA training as part of their coursework.

Flight instructors teach others how to fly plans, from small aircraft to commercial transports. Flight instructors have all the same training as commercial pilots, but they also must have Certified Flight Instructor licenses. Some aviation programs offer CFI licensing as part of their curriculum, while others merely prepare students to receive CFI certification at outside institutions.

For those interested in the operations side of aviation, a position in airline or airport management combines aviation with aspects of business management. A specialization in airline or airport management prepares a degree holder to run operations in the flight industry, from human resources to marketing.