What Types of Jobs Are Available on the Government of Canada Job Bank?

What Types of Jobs Are Available on the Government of Canada Job Bank?

Bookkeeping, industrial and health jobs are some of the types of employment listed on the Government of Canada Job Bank. Childcare, kitchen help and automotive jobs are also listed.

As of 2015, bookkeeper jobs listed on the Job Bank were for the private sector. Expected skills include maintaining ledgers and financial statements, posting journal entries, balancing the books, and preparing payroll checks. The jobs require accuracy in reading, writing, mathematics and decision making.

The types of industrial jobs available vary. For instance, companies sometimes advertise for a cherry picker, a case packer to work on a line in a factory, or a picker truck operator, which requires specific certification.

Health jobs also vary. For example, a health aide job for a sleep study requires meeting specific educational requirements. The health aide maintains medical records, cleans and maintains equipment, schedules appointments, and performs some clerical duties.

Childcare jobs are available in both private homes and in facilities. A private childcare giver is expected to supervise the children, help with homework, organize activities, prepare meals and perform light housekeeping duties.

Restaurants and garages also advertise on the Job Bank. A kitchen helper in a restaurant prepares food for the cooks and attends to the dishwashing. Automotive service technicians must have experience and, in some cases, specific certification.