What Types of Items Are on a Landlord Walk-Through Checklist?


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A landlord walk-through checklist for tenants moving out typically includes areas that should be clean, such as carpets, and whether heating, plumbing and electrical systems are functioning. The checklist may include provisions for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms functioning and the removal of personal property.

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What Types of Items Are on a Landlord Walk-Through Checklist?
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One item on a checklist may be for the walls to be the same color they were when the tenants moved in, unless they obtained permission from the landlord to paint. Windows should be clean, and the apartment or property as a whole should be swept and vacuumed. The place should be free of trash, and if the yard and landscaping are included in the rental agreement, they should be neat and free of debris. The checklist should list what items, such as appliances and light fixtures, should be present and are not for the tenants to take with them.

Landlords benefit from the checklists because they can predict any repair costs and communicate with tenants about possible deductions from their security deposits. A tenant benefits because he gets the chance to fix things and potentially avoid deductions. Getting advance warning of possible deductions also helps tenants avoid negative surprises. State laws govern if walk-through inspections are required and when they can be done.

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