What Types of Items Are Available From Traders Guide and Pennysaver in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania?


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The types of items available in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania, trough the Traders Guide and Pennysaver publications include used cars, clothing, electronics, sporting equipment and pets, as of 2015. Other types of items available may include tickets to concerts or sporting events, job listings and details about community events.

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Both the Pennysaver and the Traders Guide are types of classifieds publications that allow readers to post ads for items they want to sell or are looking to purchase. The items available through the sites may vary over time, but typically focus on common household or personal products in varying conditions and quantities. One common type of item sold through the services is clothing, typically reflecting the needs of community members during the current season. This may include jackets, pants, dresses and shirts along with accessories such as shoes and hats. The sites may also feature listings for items such as jewelry or personal care products such as electric razors or hair dryers.

Cars are another type of item that commonly appears in these publications, many of which are usually older models that require some degree of maintenance. The sites offer tools for searching for specific makes, models or years according to the keywords the poster places in the ad. Similarly, users may be able to find car parts and accessories through the site, sometimes within the main automobile section.

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