What Types of Items Does A1 Wholesale Gifts & Treasures Sell?

What Types of Items Does A1 Wholesale Gifts & Treasures Sell?

A1 Wholesale Gifts & Treasures' website, A1WholesaleGifts.com, doesn't have any products or company information available, as of 2015. However, the company previously sold gifts, collectible items and decor items for the home and garden.

A1 Wholesale Gifts & Treasures shipped its products internationally and focused on selling items wholesale to retailers. The company offered drop shipping, a catalog of its products, free gifts and discounts on large orders.

Julia L. Shumko started A1 Wholesale Gifts & Treasures in 2000, and the Better Business Bureau opened its file on the company in 2002. The BBB hasn't accredited A1 Wholesale Gifts & Treasures, although the company does have an A plus grade. The grade is a product of the length of time the company has been open and the fact that it hasn't received any complaints.

A1 Wholesale Gifts & Treasures focused on high quality yet affordable products. The company had low overhead costs, since it only sold online and through catalogs with no physical store locations.

The company's website has its banner with the site name at the top. As of 2015, the site doesn't have any other pages besides the home page, and the only other content on the site is a privacy policy. Previously, the site featured a variety of products, which it sorted by category.